Tuesday, October 17 == A TIME FOR PRAYER


You are invited to come to Deer Park UMC on this Tuesday, 10/17, 1 – 3pm, for a time of prayer and reflection. The sanctuary will be open and ready for all those who wish to join us in a time of prayer for our church, our community, our nation and all those affected by the acts of violence we are seeing every day.  We need to pray for our first responders and rescue crews who are working so hard to help restore the communities that have been damaged by the storms and earthquakes. 

Let us come together as the church to ask God to grant us peace in the midst of chaos.

 This will be a time to focus and pray for all these things and any other concerns you wish to mention.  It is not necessary to stay for two hours.

 You may come and go as you wish between 1 & 3pm.

 I will be there.

Pastor John