KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY – Prayer List – Sept. 19-22

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Kairos Roxbury Correctional Institution RCI #20

Sept 19 – 22, 2019

This is an EXTREMELY moving time for the inside participants. Many of them feel that they have been cast off by society and abandoned by family. They even feel completely separated from  God. To realize that people care enough to take the time to pray for them is a strong indication that they are not alone and that God has not forgotten them.

What should I pray for during my 30 minutes? 

• Pray for the residents, that God will work within them to enable them to understand that He is the God of mercy and forgiveness.
• Pray for a hedge of protection over the entire event, that the evil  one does not cause any      distraction or disruption to the weekend.
• Pray for the Prison Administration.
• Pray for the Corrections Officers that they are fair and just in     their enforcement of the rules governing the prison and that they too are blessed by this weekend.
• Pray for the Kairos Ministry Team; not only for their safety, but    also that they may be          effective in serving the Lord, that each yields  himself to God’s purpose.
• Pray for the Team Leader Tommy Spencer, that he will lead with God's wisdom and that God will protect him.
• Pray for the Kairos Ministry as we prepare to bring God’s message    into other facilities in     Maryland.
• Pray for the safety of those inside prison walls that they may not be persecuted for their faith  in Jesus Christ or that God gives them the strength to bear it. 

Where do I go and how do I pray?

Anywhere you are when your chosen time comes, you do not need to go anywhere to              participate.

Some people prefer to pray in a room by themselves and others like to  pray in groups.
Some people pray out loud, while others pray silently.
Some people sit and read their Bible while others sing their favorite  hymns or songs of praise.
Many pray silently while doing tasks, chores or work.
Some people prefer to read scripted prayers from a devotional book,    while others prefer to    converse with God as though He is sitting right there with them.

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Inside Participants Team Members
  Tommy Spencer Bob Boyer
  Larry Miller Chet Cole
  Walt Brilhart Mike Craig
  Doug Dean Paul Jensen
  Dale Smith Chris Cronin
  John Dean Leo Barnes
  Mike Hughes Fred Nuguid
  Bruce Brong Jerry Dunlap
  Earl Miller Ken Cunningham
  Don Myers Matt Peregoy
  John Porter Matt Allshouse (Dad)
  Lee McArthur Matt Allshouse (Son)
  Jurgen Rivero John Peace
    Scott Schaffer
  Maybe next weekend your name here???
  Alternate Participants
  Outside Support Team Members
  Sherry Miller Rosemary Solarz
  Shirley Miller Cheremie Spencer
  Sandra Peace Jenna Allshouse
  Chris Allshouse  
  Is God calling you to serve?
  Prison Administration
  Acting Warden: Casey Campbell
  Assistant Warden: Denise Morgan
  Chaplain: Keith Kitchen
  Chief of Security: Maj. Larry Miller
  Inside Servants (Alumni)


   My prayer time is: (Circle one) 9/19 9/20 9/21 9/22 @____________