Sunday School

Sunday School classes are typically held from 9:45 until 10:45 on Sunday mornings for children three years old and older. We want to build a strong faith foundation for children, bringing them to a better understanding of God and what God calls them to be and do. Continue to grow with God at home using some of our sample self-paced topics below from the virtual school year.


School Year 2021-2022, Beginning September 19th

This fall we are going to be trying out a in-person one room classroom study, which means kids 3+ will all be in the same class.  Our goal is to engage all ages with songs, crafts, stories, and more! If the older children want to, we have opportunities for them to help lead the younger kids.  Learning by leading is a great way for the kids to gain confidence leading, public speaking, and communicating clearly.

We will be using larger spaces in the church when available: the sanctuary for songs, the social hall for crafts/experiments, and the outside pavilion (whether and lesson permitting, so always dress to be outside!).

We are also planning on having a virtual Sunday school option that will be the same Bible story starting also at 9:45 led by Melissa.  If no one joins after 10 minutes she will close the class link (

Masks: We ask that if you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask.  Although vaccinated people are not required to wear a mask, we highly recommend you wear one. Masks are available if you don’t have one or forgot yours. Hand sanitizer is also available. Once the weather improves we will try to have class time outside.

Volunteer’sIf you are interested in teaching, helping with, or substituting in in-person Sunday school classes please email Jill Janocha Redmond at for more information or to volunteer. (You may also call the office to leave a message for Jill.) Our Sunday school program and our children need your help!

Do you want to Grow with God at home?

Check out some of the great resources and topics below.

Kindness (Click to expand)

Stories of Jesus’ kindness
How we can change the world one kindness act at a time!
This Little Light of Mine Song

Prayer (Click to expand)

See the Children’s Message from Lent 2021 From Pastor John on Prayer
Why do we pray? And How?(YouTube)
(Option for OlderKids and here (ok for younger kids too))

The Lord’s Prayer Dissected (Video and/or Words)
Practice the Lord’s Prayer (give the song a try: The Lord’s Prayer Song for Kids 🙏 Our Father in Heaven for Children)

Prayer Coloring Page
If you want some music while you color/craft, jam out to this: Pray About Everything (Philippians 4:6-7)| Kingdom Rock VBS | Group Publishing

Kids Basic Prayer For Mealtime:
God is Great, God is Good,
Let us thank Him for our food,
By His hands we all are fed
Give us Lord our daily bread

Events and Classroom Crafts

Whether in-person or virtual, our goal is to engage the children and teach them about God’s love. Throughout social distancing, we created weekly lessons and take-home packets to deliver to our families. Families could continue to hear God’s word either on their own at home or during our virtual classes.

In addition to Sunday School, we also typically have events throughout the year including Easter egg hunts, Trick or Treating in the Social Hall, and the Christmas play, in partnership with our drama club.

Check out our Event Page for upcoming and past event information.



Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email the co-directors of Children’s Ministries, Melissa Rhoton ( or Jill Janocha Redmond (