April 2 thru April 30 — Fill the Ark project

  Deer Park Church Fundraiser,                                           

                                              “Reaching Out To Church & Community “

Goal:  Together we have power over hunger and poverty.

Objective:  A  4-week project seeking donations of animals to fill the ark.

Living Market Opens:  April 2          Living Market Closes:  April 30

What can we do to meet the wish of peace on earth, an end to hunger, preservation of the environment and education for a child?  “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”  MICAH 6:8

This “living gift” is a chance for us to reach out to people in need, both near and far.  This market will be for DPUMC members, our community, family and friends, everyone.  You are encouraged to form a group to accept donations to purchase a “farm” animal that is sent to various places in US and around the world.

Animals available for purchase are:

$20Chickens (a flock): Plucky Producers    $120 — PigThat’ll do

$20Ducks (a flock)Fly Together               $120 — SheepWooly Wanderers

 $20Geese (a flock)Golden                        $150 — LlamasHardy Highlanders

 $30 — HoneybeesBusy Bodies          $250 — Water BuffaloPowerful Providers

 $60 — Rabbits (3)Rascally                       $300 — Fish (3 schools)Aquaculture

$120 — Goat: Scrappy Survivors                  $500 — CowGentle Giants

Other Items:      $60 — Tree SeedlingsWonders of the World

                         $150 – Irrigation PumpTapping the Possibilities

                         $300 — Clean Water:  Treadle Pumps


On Sunday, April 2nd, each family/participant will receive:

A “Giving Bank” to deposit collected “IOU’s or Money”

4-Week Calendar with daily ideas to fill the “Giving Bank”

On Sunday, April 30th, all funds will be collected to send to Heifer International.

These are gifts you can be proud of.  It feels great knowing that when you give a Heifer gift, you’re making a lasting difference.  It’s easier than ever to spread that feeling of pride and joy while helping struggling families.  Please consider giving a hand up, not a handout.